AbstractionJuliaMountOm Next
Successful Remote Engineering

Clojure/conj 2015

Bottom-Up vs. Top-Down Design in ClojureClojure vs. the BotnetsThe ClojureScript CompilerClojureScript for Skeptics
Condition Systems in an Exceptional LanguageDebugging with the Scientific MethodA Deep Specification for DropboxFrom REST to CQRS with Clojure, Kafka (and Samza), and Datomic
Game Development DevelopmentGenetic Programming in ClojureImproving Clojure's Error Messages with GrammarsMobile Apps with ClojureScript
Om NextOnyx: Distributed Computing for ClojureOptimizing ClojureScript Apps for SpeedServerless Microservices
Solving Problems with AutomataSuper-Fun with First-Class Shapes in QuilTeaching Clojure at IBM

Grand Rapids Functional Programming Meetup

Thinking in Elm

Agile Conf 2014

The 3D Pair Programming ExtravaganzaThe Best Job EverBeyond BudgetingBuild Products that Matter with Innovation Accounting
Building Stable Agile Cloud ApplicationsThe Cable Company Does Continuous What?Embracing HTTP in the Era of Web APIsThe Girl with the Chisel Tip Marker
How to Build a Culture of Operational ExcellenceJourney to Cloud CadenceLambda the ExtremeThe Mental Leaps at Ericsson 3G
Mutation TestThe Personal Agility CanvasResearch Lightning TalksThe Reverse Conway
The Show Must Go OnTackling Legacy Code

GLSEC 2014

Analyzing .NET Code with Project RoslynThe Business Value of JoyLiving Happily Ever AfterNOAM
Story Mapping Made Real
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